Off-Road Nomad Experience

This off-road tour offers you an excellent set of natural, cultural and historical sights of Kyrgyzstan. The tour is perfect for those who prefer off-road car travel, but do not just want to be an observer. 

Our path lies through the magnificent Tien-Shan mountains, bringing us to the unique Son-Kol lake, beautiful mountain waterfalls and picturesque valleys, as well as the ancient ruins of settlements and architectural monuments such as Kulan-Koruk, Ak-Dobo and Burana Tower.

Acquire a taste of the colorful traditions of our nomads, experiencing golden eagle hunting, crafting master-classes, tasty curative national drinks and yurt-based shepherd life. We will stay under the vast expanses of starlit sky on the boundless pastures of the ancient nomads. This will not allow you to lower your cameras and simply enjoy the experience.

Come with Baibol Travel and experience the lifestyle of the Kyrgyz nomads!

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Tour characteristics

June - September
7 days
30 km
1000 m  1000 m
1180 km, 28 h

You are going to love it

  • the tranquility of a ride in comfortable SUV
  • A affordable journey to the heart of wild nature
  • Warm contact with nomadic shepherds
  • Take part in a royal eagle hunt according to Kyrgyz tradition
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1 Day. Welcome to the land of mountains

Meeting at the airport by the Baibol Travel team and transfer to one of the best hotels in Bishkek. After a short rest, we will go to nearby Ala-Archa National Park to experience the majesty of the Tien Shan Mountains - a real oasis of wildlife, located only 40 km from the capital on the northern slopes of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too mountains. In the park, there are many natural attractions: the famous peaks (5000 m), glaciers, coniferous forests and rare animals. All this you will see on the way to the magnificent 70-meter Ak-Sai waterfall. We will have lunch surrounded by this beauty. On return, dinner and overnight at the hotel.



Alamüdün District
7-8 km
4-4,5 h
+550 m  -550 m
110 km, 3 h

2 Day. Song-Kol Lake: horse-tour

Our destination on the second day of our trip will be is one of the highest mountain lakes in the world - Son-Kol (3016m), heart of Kyrgyzstan. Here, far from civilization you will be able to enjoy wildlife, pristine beauty, peace and quiet. Our route there passes over the Kalmak-Ashuu pass and stops at Burana tower, all that remains of the ancient Turkic Karakhanid (10-13th century) capital of Balasagun. Upon arrival at the lake, we will settle in the ancient dwelling of nomads - yurts! After a rest, we can choose a horse and go on a horseback ride along the coast. The lake, surrounded by mountain meadows has been a favorite summer pasture (jailoo) for nomadic tribes of cattleherders since ancient times. In the evening we gather for dinner around the fire and listen to Kyrgyz songs, proverbs and sayings. We will overnighting in yurts, under the endless sky of the great steppe.


Economy: Hotel
Standard: Hotel
VIP: Hotel


Kochkor District
Ysyk-Ata District
7-8 km
3 h
345 km, 8 h

3 Day. Nomads and their way of life.

From Son-Kol we drive to the Suusamyr Valley, rightfully considered one of the best jailoos of Kyrgyzstan. In summer it is filled with dozens of yurt camps. Traveling here is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the local culture, life and traditions. Throughout the trip, we recommend that you interact with the locals to better immerse yourself in our nomadic civilization. Our guides will be available for consultation with you on all issues, including assistance in communicating with the local population.

The path to the valley will pass through the high-mountain Kara-Keche pass and by the coal mine of the same name Kara-Keche. On arrival, we will have a short rest in our yurt camp. At this time of year, large herds of animals often gather in the valley, so here you can fully experience all the delights of ecotourism: ride a horse, try shearing sheep, milk the cows and drink kaimak (sour cream) or our national drink, kumys, made of fermented mare’s milk.


Economy: Yurt camping
Standard: Yurt camping
VIP: Yurt camping


Kara-Keche valley and Kara-Keche pass


Kochkor District
Panfilov District
235 km, 6 h

4 Day. Manas, Soul of Kyrgyzstan

Today is the day devoted to the history of the country. From the Suusamyr Valley we descend to Talas city. On the way we visit the "Manas-Ordo" complex, center of spiritual energy of the Kyrgyz people. Here you will see the legendary collection of the largest oral epic in the world, included in the list of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. All the exhibits of the complex are an illustration of the life of the epic hero of the Kyrgyz people - Manas Ata. After lunch in the restaurant "Baibol" we continue the cultural program. We go to see the remains of the ancient fortifications of Ak-Dobo and Kulan-Koruk.

In the evening, you will see a can enjoy Kyrgyz films in the conference hall of "Baibol" with English subtitles. Those, who are interested can learn how to play exciting traditional board games such as toguz-korgol. We will spend a night in the traditional Baibol guest house.



Bakay-Ata District
Panfilov District
3 h
160 km, 4 h

5 Day. Hunting with Eagles (Berkut)

Today, keepers of our ancient hunting traditions will show you an exciting hunt with eagles and greyhounds. Berkut is the strongest predatory bird, able to catch a fox, wolf, roe deer and even a mountain goat. The special connection between  bird and hunter (berkutchi)  will be clearly demonstrated. Kyrgyz hounds (taigans) are the faithful helpers during the hunt. The constitution of a dog is similar to a hunting leopard, because it has an incredible speed. They can also climb on horseback to have a better view of the terrain and to see game.

After lunch, we will enjoy an equally interesting event, a professional master class on carving and decorative work with wood. We will then proceed to Besh-Tash National Park and settle into the yurt camp. We'll have dinner and spend the night here.


Economy: Hotel
Standard: Hotel
VIP: Hotel


Bakay-Ata District
Talas District
3 h
30 km, 2 h

6 Day. Besh-Tash: alone with nature

In the morning, we go on hiking to Besh-Tash lake, located in the picturesque natural park of the same name at an altitude of 3000 meters. Along the whole territory of the park runs a trout-filled river. We'll have lunch in the valley, surrounded by high mountains. In the evening, you will see a demonstration of the national clothes of nomads and may try them on. We will have dinner and overnight in the yurts.


Economy: Hotel
Standard: Hotel
VIP: Hotel


Talas District
14 km
6 h
+450 m  -450 m

7 Day. Return to Bishkek, flight home

On the final day of the trip, we will return to the capital. On the way, we will have a lunch with the hospitable shepherds in Suusamyr valley, who will treat us to natural dairy products of their own production. Upon arrival to Bishkek, we check-in at the hotel. After a short rest, you will have 2-3 hours to stroll along souvenir shops in the picturesque, eastern market of Kiyal in our famous Osh bazaar. Your journey will end with a farewell dinner in the ethno-restaurant "Baibol" with tasting of tandyr kozu (young lamb) accompanied by a national folklore ensemble. Transfer to the airport for flight back home the following morning.

Create your own group and travel profitably!

If you have been waiting for the right time to go on a journey in the footsteps of the ancient nomads of Central Asia, it has come! For the first time in Kyrgyzstan, "Baibol Travel" gives you a unique opportunity to travel at affordable prices, collecting a group of travelers from your relatives, friends, colleagues, as you are hungry for new experiences and incredible discoveries! We are happy to adapt our services to your requests and requirements, so we suggest you choose the conditions of travel with the comfort and conditions that suit you. The more people in your group, the greater the benefits will be received by all its participants!

Tour cost

The prices are indicated according to the classification of the tour and the number of people.

Number of persons / Class Economy Standard VIP
1-2 $ 1150 $ 1295 $ 1530
3-4 $ 775 $ 900 $ 1120
5-6 $ 655 $ 780 $ 980
7-8 $ 590 $ 720 $ 910
9-10 $ 560 $ 680 $ 870


Package of services




Transport (all transfers according to the program)

SUV premium class

High-end SUV

Class 4x4 minivan

Accommodation (in hotels, guest houses and yurts according to the program


Horse guide

The grooms


Three meals a day (+ snack for trekking trips)

Four  meals a day

Three meals a day

Three meals a day

National Games

National equestrian games

Master classes


Folklore concert


Auto-tours recommendations

Our universal list for auto-tours is designed to take into account the weather, terrain and altitude where we travel. It includes both the most necessary items and additional things (the list can changes only in the case of a complex tour).

Please the following as a guide:

  • small rucksack and expeditionary bag;
  • riding shoes (without heels or a platform, secure and closed), sneakers are preferred;
  • spare pair of shoes (if first is wet or damaged);
  • tight pants for riding in the saddle;
  • windproof and waterproof jacket (windbreaker);
  • long- sleeved shirt;
  • a set of warm clothes in case of cool weather;
  • a pair of T-shirts
  • a head covering (for sun protection);
  • no less than 2 pairs of woolen and 2 pairs of normal socks;
  • gloves;
  • sunscreen;
  • personal hygiene items and personal first-aid kit;
  • sunglasses;
  • camera and batteries;
  • handbag for documents (if any).