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Today ecotourism becomes popular not only among the tourists from all over the world, but also among the local residents who spends the most time and attention on studying the flora and fauna of Kyrgyzstan. In this respect, the Besh-Tash Nature Park is the place to be paid special attention.

The Besh-Tash Nature Park is located in 25 km from the city of Talas. The total area of the park is 32 hectares.  More than thousand species of plants grow here, including their rare endangered species. For example, juniper trees grow along the slopes of the mountains, and in the upper part of the gorges there are sparse forests of spruce and juniper. In this picturesque place, beautiful forests from Tien Shan spruce with admixture of Semenov fir have been preserved.

In addition, numerous species of animals listed in the Red Book live in Besh Tash: snow leopard, brown bear, argali or ram Marco Polo. Also here, you can meet golden eagle, kumai, balaban and other kinds of birds, and in the mountain river of the same name are found Osman, marinka and rainbow trout.

Above the boundaries of the forest zone, bright green alpine meadows begin. In this area, the cool breath of the glaciers is felt. On the territory of the park there is Lake Besh-Tash which is located at an altitude of 3 thousand meters above the sea level. The depth of the lake is 28 meters, in summer it has unique turquoise shade that makes this locality more unique.