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Almost in the heart of the Chui valley surrounded by three mountain ranges at the altitude of 1400-2800 meters there is a unique natural Park Chon-Kemin valley, which is home for rare animals, birds, plants and insects listed in the Red book of the country.

Among 9 mammals, including: snow leopard, Turkestan lynx, Tien-Shan bear, deer, argali and 7 species of birds: black stork, Saker Falcon, lammergeier, Golden eagle and the famous ibisbill, listed in the international Red book. The territory of habitancy of this rare bird includes a few countries, but among the Central Asian countries, its population is the biggest in Kyrgyzstan. In most cases, to see these unusual animals and birds is possible only in the early morning.

On the Park territory unde the special protection there are 5 species of insects and 6 species of plants are also listed in the Red book: tulips Greig, kolpakovskogo, Ostrovsky, chasnala hairy, anthrax Tien Shan and primrose krupnosortnyj.

The national Park was established in 1997, now it is 12.3 ha and looks like a little oasis of wildlife, located near Bishkek and the major towns of Kemin and Chui-Tokmok.

Through the Park flows the river into the Chu river. The origins of the river Chon-Kemin takes at the junction of the ridges, the kyungey-Ala-Too and Zailiyskiy Ala-Too. The river is the natural border between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, its length is 116 km of all mountain river Chon-Kemin ideal for rafting, so it is often satisfied with the alloys. Holiday in the Park will appeal to lovers of sports fishing, as the river provides plenty of fish.