Have a great journey through the Land of Ancient Nomads

This tour can be rightfully called a great trip around Kyrgyzstan - a country that carefully preserves the traditions of nomadic civilization. Within a week we will have an interesting and funny time,  spending it by exploring the identity of the country, moving from south to north in a unforgetable autotour. During the excursions, our professional guides will show you everything that makes Kyrgyzstan one of the most visited countries of the Great Silk Road route.

Your adventure will start with a walk through the ancient cities of Osh and Uzgen, where the living artery of the famous trade route had passed. The ethnic composition of these cities is diverse, there is a harmonious symbiosis of the mysterious east and the freedom-loving culture of nomads.  The impressive mountain peaks of the Tien Shan, endless valleys, mountain lakes and the lush forests of one of the oldest wallnuts forest of the planet - Arslanbob, will help you to feel the real spirit of nomadic civilization.

In addition, the tour program includes the the Manas epic, that recognized as masterpiece of UNESCO, also the program includes the spectacular equestrian games of nomads. Knowledge of languages brings together and helps to understand better someone else's culture. Our guides will help you to learn a few simple words in the Kyrgyz language, which will be a pleasant surprise for the locals.

The perfet tour to combine with the discovery of Ouzbekizstan or Tadjikistan !

Tour characteristics

June - September
8 days
18,5 km
10710 m  9170 m
2055 km, 27,5 h
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You are going to love it

  • Walk in the footsteps of Nomads along the Great Silk Road.
  • Visit the Ancient city Osh – the real orient.
  • Forget about time in the Gorgeous Sary-Chelek Lake
  • Discover Talas region- the motherland of National hero Manas Ata.
  • Ride a kirghiz horse through Besh-Tash mountains.
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1 Day. The ancient city Osh - feel the aroma of the east.

Meeting at the airport, then we will get acquainted with the team "Baibol Travel", after what we will fly to Osh city - one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia. Nowadays the city is gradually acquiring modern features, but still preserves the traditions of antiquity. As soon as we arrive and accommodate in the hotel, we will have a rest and then leave for Aravan region to explore the ancient cave Chil-Ustun. Walking through the intricate labyrinths of the cave and exploring the psychedelic stalactites will take you to a world of mysteries and riddles.

To come back to reality will help you a fragrant green tea and the generous eastern treat in a teahouse. In the afternoon you will have free time. It will be possible to climb Sulaiman-Too mount, which is also called the throne of King Solomon, and you can admire the beautiful panoramic view of the whole Osh city, or wander through the ancient oriental market, where you can find many souvenirs: from ceramic plates hand-painted to felt goods. We will have a dinner and overnight at the hotel.



3 km
3 h
990 m  1080 m
700 km, 2 h

2 Day. In the footsteps of the Great Silk Road

A walk through the city of Uzgen, which  was an important link between the cities of the Great Silk Road in ancient time. We will visit the colossal minaret and mausoleums built in the heyday of the strongest Turkic state of the Karakhanids. Ancient buildings that have survived to this day will take you back to the past, to the noisy city square along which thousands of caravans carried valuable goods from east to west and back.

Next, we will go to one of the largest nut orchard of the planet - Arslanbob. The mighty giants growing here reach an incredible height, and the age of some of them is a thousand years old. The trees are so old that they remember Alexander Makedonskyi, who visited here during his military campaign to the East. Whenever you come to Arslanbob during the nut-flowering season or during harvest, this place will not leave you indifferent.


Bazar-Korgon District
Uzgen District
1,5 km
2,5 h
2500 m  2030 m
190 km, 3,5 h

3 Day. The beauty of Sary-Chelek lake- time stops here..

We continue to be inspired by new discoveries in the heart of Eurasia. The Sary – Chelek lake is our next destination (Yellow Chalice), its very popular among the travelers and tourists. The  location of the lake is terrific,  among the mountains and really resembles a beautiful bowl filled with clear crystal water. Upon arrival, we will organize a small picnic, and then everyone can walk, wander along the coast and feel part of nature. Take your time, enjoy the infinity of moments, let the quiet waters of the lake give you a peace and fill with inexhaustible energy. Those who wants to explore the lake in more detail can ride a motor boat. Then we go down to the Arkit village, where we will have supper and spend the night in the guest house.



Aksy District
Bazar-Korgon District
1 km
2 h
3180 m  2080 m
230 km, 5 h

4 Day. A walk along the Chichkan gorge

Transfer to Chichkan gorge. On the way we will pass Toktogul reservoir - the largest reservoir of the country. In favorable weather, you can swim here, as the water in the reservoir is clean and transparent. Upon arrival, we will accommodate in a cozy guest complex and after a short rest, we will go on an exciting walk. The innumerable sights of the Chychkan gorge make it really special. On the slopes of the mountains grow tall fir trees and shrubs of wild juicy berries, which descend to the coast of a noisy mountain stream. Sometimes here you can see ibex, roe deer, argali or other wild animals that come here for watering. Do not miss the opportunity to dissolve in the pristine beauty of this amazing place. Dinner and overnight we will have in Chychkan in yurts.


Economy: Hotel
Standard: Hotel
VIP: Hotel


2 km
2 h
295 km, 6 h

5 Day. Revealing the sacral meaning of the Manas epic

Wild nature and colorful traditions of nomads. Today you will be fallen into the history of the country. We will start our journey from Talas town. On the way we will visit the complex "Manas-Ordo" - the center of spiritual energy of Kyrgyz people. Here you will see the legendary collection of the largest oral epic of the world, included in the list of UNESCO masterpieces. All the exhibits of the complex are the illustration of the life of Kyrgyz epic hero  - Manas. After lunch with a tasting of exquisite national dishes in the restaurant "Baibol" we continue the cultural program. We will go to see the remains of the ancient fortifications of Ak-Dobo and Kulan-Koruk (according to some reports, it was the fortress city of the leader of the Hsiung Zhizhichen and the place of the first military confrontation between the ancient Chinese and the Romans). Dinner and overnight will be in the glamorous guest house "Baibol" decorated in ethnic style.



Bakay-Ata District
Manas District
Talas District
2 km
4 h
190 km, 3.5 h

6 Day. Acquaintance with the culture of the ancient nomads

One of the most inspirational days of the tour. Today you will discover the amazing and diverse world of nomadic civilization. After breakfast at the foot of Echkil mount, you will find a spectacular program: national horse games "kok-boru" and "kyz-kuumai". We will have a picnic in the forest. Then you will have a professional workshop from Daniyar Abylaev of cutting and decorative work with a tree. On return, will have dinner with a tasting ancient tash-cordo dish, accompanied by a national folklore ensemble. In the evening, you will have the opportunity to ride on a horse-drawn cart through the village. Dinner and overnight at the guest house.



Mountain Echkiluu-Too


Bakay-Ata District

7 Day. Horse-tour to Besh-Tash Natural park

Transfer to the picturesque Besh-Tash natural park (Five stones), which is located on the northern slopes of Talas Ala-Too, where the alpine meadows harmoniously alternate with thickets of juniper and spruce. Upon arrival, we will accommodate in yurt camp and snack in the yurts of hospitable shepherds (chabans). Then you will get acquainted with the local guides who will tell you about the role of the horse in the life of the ancient nomads. After that, the selection of the horse, taking into account the experience of the rider and brief instruction on riding. Next, the first horse ride through the park and to the turquoise lakes of Besh-Tash. You will have lunch during a hike, it is not far from the upper lake. Return to the yurt camp. In the evening, acquaintance with the life and culture of nomads, also you will see the national games (demonstration or participation at will). Dinner with the tasting of the most popular and unusually delicious national dish besh-barmak (five fingers), the main dish in the Kyrgyz toi (natioanl party). The peculiarity of the dish is that it is traditionally eaten by hands. Overnight in the yurt.


Economy: Yurt camping
Standard: Yurt camping
VIP: Yurt camping


Bakay-Ata District
Talas District
80 km, 3 h

8 Day. Farewell to Bishkek

Transfer to Bishkek. On arrival we will be accommodated in the hotel, rest a little, and then we go for a walk around the capital. We will pass along the central square of the capital Ala-Too and  visit the monument to the hero of the folk epos "Aikol Manas" Manas Magnanimous, exhibits of the State Historical Museum, a monument to Soviet politician Vladimir Lenin. Also on the square we will observe the change of guard at the flagpole height of 45 m, and then we will go to the old square to the building of the government house and the monument to the Alai Kyrgyz leader Kurmanzhan Datka. After walk we will go to the central department store (CUM) where you can buy souvenirs. On your return, we will have a farewell dinner with Baibol Travel. In the morning, the next day, transfer to the airport. Departure home.

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If you have been waiting for the right time to go on a journey in the footsteps of the ancient nomads of Central Asia, it has come! For the first time in Kyrgyzstan, "Baibol Travel" gives you a unique opportunity to travel at affordable prices, collecting a group of travelers from your relatives, friends, colleagues, as you are hungry for new experiences and incredible discoveries! We are happy to adapt our services to your requests and requirements, so we suggest you choose the conditions of travel with the comfort and conditions that suit you. The more people in your group, the greater the benefits will be received by all its participants!

Tour cost

The prices are indicated according to the classification of the tour and the number of people.

Number of persons / Class Economy Standard VIP
1-2 $ 1660 $ 1820 $ 2160
3-4 $ 1160 $ 1290 $ 1600
5-6 $ 995 $ 1130 $ 1425
7-8 $ 910 $ 1050 $ 1330
9-10 $ 860 $ 995 $ 1280


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Auto-tours recommendations

Our universal list for auto-tours was designed by taking into account the weather, terrain and altitude where you will travel. It includes, both the most necessary and additional things: clothing and accessories (the number of things can change only in the case of a complex tour).

Please use it as a guide:

  • small rucksack and expeditionary bag;
  • riding shoes (without heels, without a platform and fixed), sneakers are preferred;
  • spare pair of shoes (if first one is wet or damaged);
  • tight pants for riding in the saddle;
  • windproof and waterproof jacket (windbreaker);
  • long- sleeved shirt;
  • a set of warm clothes in case of cool weather;
  • a pair of T-shirts, a headdress (to sun protection);
  • not less than 2 pairs of woolen and 2 pairs of normal socks;
  • gloves;
  • sunscreen;
  • personal hygiene items and personal first-aid kit;
  • sunglasses;
  • camera and batteries to it;
  • handbag for documents (if any).