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The "Manas" epic is the largest epic in the history of world folklore (more than 500 thousand poetic lines). He is rightfully considered an encyclopedia of the life and history of the Kyrgyz people. The national complex Manas-Ordo, located in 22 km from the city of Talas, at the foot of the mountain Karool-Choku, is dedicated to the protagonist of the work: Manas batyr. It is the Talas region, according to legend, is considered the hero's homeland. The complex was built around Gumbez Manas (mausoleum) back in Soviet times. It bears the spiritual heritage of the kyrgyz people and a great historical and cultural value. Manas-Ordo presents stone sculptures – “balbals”, rock carvings, Sako-Usun ancient burials, one of the 13 stones with the runic script of the Yenisei Kyrgyz and the main attraction: the Manas Gumbez or the Mausoleum of Manas, a unique historical and architectural monument of the 14th century. Around is a park full of greenery Manas Ata, where you can contemplate an avenue, planted with spruce trees. These fir-trees were planted by the heads of states and other distinguished guests of the complex, and the alley is called the presidential one. Staying in this wonderful place, it will be interesting to visit the museum dedicated to the epic "Manas", the center of traditional medicine and the site for holding tuleo (prayer sacrifice). On the territory of the complex there is a racetrack, where on the big national holidays the equestrian games are held. For the convenience of tourists, among the cultural attractions a hospitable tea-house is opened, in which you can satisfy hunger and rest. In the middle of the complex proudly looking at the surrounding magnificence stands a monument to Manas batyr surrounded by his 40 vagitas. Leaving this place it is worth to visit a souvenir shop and take with you at least one of the charming souvenirs in the national style to commemorate the visit to Manas-Ordo.