Kyrgyzstan — the soul of nomads

Tours to Kyrgyzstan

"Baibol Travel" offers you a wide range of unique adventure tours for your holidays in Kyrgyzstan, meeting your every need, including, but not limited to walking tours, horseback riding, cycling holidays, jeep tours and hunting with golden eagles

During the tour, you will acquire the taste of customs and traditions of nomadic culture - amazing horse games, eye-popping hunting with golden eagles and greyhounds, wool felting and yurt building master classes, training in making crafts and souvenirs, and ultimately tasting incredibly delicious national dishes and drinks.

Our Kyrgyzstan travel tours are developed by professional guides and specialists from Europe. We are always happy to adapt our services to your requests. We suggest you to choose conditions of your tour in Kyrgyzstan with the appropriate level of comfort.

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Baibol Ethnic Restaurant in Bishkek

Tash-Kordo - ancient dish of kyrgyzs

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Our mission

Mission is to develop new types of accessible sport activities and tourism in Kyrgyzstan as a new international branch of eco-tourism.

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