Kymyz Festival 2018 in Baibol Restaurant !

Published: June 25, 2018 at 14:32 | Author: Baibol Travel

On Sunday, June 24, 2018 was held the first Kyrgyz Kymyz Festival in our \"Baboil\" ethno-restaurant in Bishkek.

To be clear, the Kymys can be considered as the most popular traditionnal Kyrgyz drink. Consumption of this fermented mare\'s milk drink has been practiced for centuries among Kyrgyz families and has become a national tradition over time for people of all ages.

Family of producers from the Suusamyr region


On Sunday, June 24, more than 1000 people gathered at the restaurant for a day dedicated to this drink. On the program: tasting Kymys from different regions, masterclass manufacturing and the election of the best Kyrgyz Kymys by the vote of the participants.


Inauguration of the festival in the presence of the Ambassador of France and the Minister of Tourism of Kyrgyzstan.


Visitors also had the chance to attend traditional music concerts, an ethnic fashion show and various dance performances.

Traditional Kyrgyz music concert by a group of women from the Kochkor region

Among the participants, we also note the presence of artisans, producers of honey and ice cream. After their visits, the participants were also able to benefit from a special menu prepared by our restaurant.

After very long deliberations, the jury of experts awarded various prizes and the vote of the participants to nominate a producer from the Suusamyr region as the best Kyrgyz Kymys of 2018.

We thanks all those who participated in the organization of this first edition of Kymys Bazaar. We give you an appointment very soon for new exiting events !