Ethno-cultural tours on SUV

Traveling by SUV is the most reasonable way to catch everything and immediately in a short time, but without missing anything important! "Baibol Travel" offers you to experience unforgettable emotions in an exciting adventure along the route of the Great Silk Road on comfortable SUVs taking into account visiting of historical and architectural sights.

Together we will conquer the celestial mountains of the Tien Shan, steep rocky passes and gorges, easily overcoming the most difficult parts of the roads, enjoy the magnificent view of the high-mountain lakes, flowering valleys and lush pastures, where the local residents, like their nomadic ancestors tended the flock.

All the autotours that we offer are cognitive and fun, as they include equestrian and hiking tours, rafting along the mountain rivers, as well as an amazing immersion in the culture and way of life of the nomadic civilization. Exciting horse games await you, spectacular hunting with eagles and greyhounds, familiarity with customs and traditions of nomads, master classes on setting up the yurts, felting wool and making souvenirs, also tasting incredibly tasty national dishes and drinks.

You will be definatly inspired by these travels with a delicate scent of the east and the  hospitality of the locals, with the experienced guides and drivers.

Tours to Kyrgyzstan

Off-road tour in Kyrgyzstan to explore wild nature and colorful traditions of nomads

Off-road tour in Kyrgyzstan to get a taste of the colorful traditions of nomads, the Silk road travel, and golden eagle hunting.

7 days
30 km
June - September
1000 m  1000 m
1180 km, 28 h

Off-road trip around Issyk-Kul in one-week.

Off-road trip around Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan, walking through the most picturesque corners of the region, yurt building and gold eagle hunting.

7 days
3 km
July - September
915 km, 17 h

Heartland of the Ancient Nomads

Feel the real spirit of the nomads on this exciting road trip through the heart of Kyrgyzstan.

8 days
18,5 km
June - September
10710 m  9170 m
2055 km, 27,5 h

City break in Bishkek: Three days around the surprising capital of the country

Set off for a few days in central Asia and discover the secrets of Bishkek and the natural wealth of its surroundings.

3 days
Recommended period:
335 km, 11 h

Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan: an unforgettable journey through Central Asia

15 days of travel for a complete discovery of the landscapes and the culture of Central Asia!

13 days
2165 km
May - February