Eagle hunting in Kyrgyzstan

Do you really want to solve the mystery of eagle hunting (salburunun). Then, you should think seriously about visiting Kyrgyzstan – a country that still follows the traditions of nomadic civilization, and experiences the real gold eagles hunting practiced since ancient times by mountain nomads. We are pleased to invite you to get this rare eagle hunting experience with the strongest bird of prey in a pristine setting: among the high Tien-Shan mountains or in the vast expanse of high-mountain valleys.  Golden eagle hunting: special aspects and features.

Throughout the journey, you will be accompanied by hereditary eagle hunters (berkutchi), who will gladly share their secrets with you. For mobility in the mountains, as well as observing the ancient rituals of hunting nomads, we will hunt horseback, accompanied by greyhound dogs. Eagles hunting wolves, eagle hunting rabbit or eagle hunting sheep– you can choose which animal is to be a prey. Eagle hunting in Kyrgyzstan is not like Mongolian eagle hunting or eagle hunting in Kazakhstan! In search of a game: jackals, foxes, hares and marmots, we will explore the most picturesque corners of this beautiful country with intact nature, see rare animals in the wild, we will spend the night in the nomads' dwelling - yurt and of course, cook and taste the game at the stake. The entire trip will be accompanied by a professional eagle hunter who perfectly orientates in the area.

Golden eagle hunting in Kyrgyzstan with Baibol Travel - explore the soul of nomads!


Tour characteristics

August - March
5 days
620 km, 9 h
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You are going to love it

  • Hunting in exceptional landscapes according to the traditions of the ancient nomads.
  • Live in a camp of yurts and prepare, with a family of shepherds, the evening meal with the product of your hunt.
  • Discover a new culture in the heart of nature.
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1 Day. Hunting with the Golden Eagle: An Examination of the Art of the Ancient Nomads

Meeting at the airport "Manas", then we go to the Bokonbaevo village, located on the southern shore of the Issyk-Kul Lake (in translation from the Kyrgyz - "Hot Lake"). Kyrgyz people and the travelers call it a "pearl or amiracle of the country". Do not worry about the long way to the lake, because it will not be boring, almost immediately outside the Bishkek line at 12 km, we will visit the ruins of Balasagun, the capital of the medieval Turkic state of Karakhanids, which was once captured by Ginghis Khan. In the second half of the day you will find exciting hunting with eagles and greyhounds. Hereditary hunters will show how their nomadic ancestors were hunting many centuries ago.

Now, take a deep breath and watch how the Kyrgyz greyhounds (taigans), climbing on the back of the horse, look out for the prey, and when they see the drive, take them to the hunter's side. Then a powerful bird, at the signal of the master, soars up to the clouds and fallson the prey by a stone. In the evening there will be a delicious roast. Wanted to hunt? Then check your accuracyin archery. We' will spend the night like real nomads in yurts.


Economy: Yurt camping
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Tong District
Ysyk-Ata District
295 km
5 h

2 Day. Hunters reveal secrets

Now you know how they hunt, but don’t know where? For the answers to our questions, we will go horseback riding to the Zyndan mountains. But first we will go to Tuura-Suu village, where the hunters with golden eagles will be waiting for us. During the trip, we recommend you to contact to berkutchi to better know their and immersion in the culture of nomadic civilization. They will tell you that the strongest predatory bird for hunters is the golden eagle, which can be mined find fox, wolf or a mountain goat - a nurse and a family member. The fact is that the bird will be painted from the nest by a young bird, then fed and taught hunting. The connection that is born between the bird and the berkutchi is so strong that it lasts during a lifetime.

Then we will hunt, make a halt for lunch, after we will set out on the Aktash mountains. In the evening, you can arrange a gorgeous dinner from a game roasted on the fire. We will spend the night on the picturesque pasture of Uch-Unkur in the yurt of shepherds.


Economy: Yurt camping
Standard: Yurt camping
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Tong District
12 km
6 h

3 Day. Kok-Sai Mountains - an ideal place for practice hunting

Hunting with the golden eagle is a subtle art, any Berkutchi will tell you. In this case, luck depends on the place of hunting and bird selection. To hunt for a hare, it is better to choose a plowed field because it will be difficult for it to run, and if your goal is a wild fowl, then mountains and valleys are an ideal choice. At the same time, you should know that only a female golden eagle will be able to get a large beast.

A day of hunting in Kok-Sai gorges among the wildlife and a diverse landscape, will help you to improve your skills. The path will pass through the same pasture, we will have lunch during the trip. Then the guide will lead us down the gorge. In total, we will pass about 30 km. For dinner we will have the most famous Kyrgyz dish besh barmak,  (should be eaten by hands and thas why it calls five fingers). We'll spend the night in yaicht camp Zhaichy.


Economy: Yurt camping
Standard: Yurt camping
VIP: Yurt camping


Tong District
30 km
6 h

4 Day. Fortune favors the bold

We will get to the Jyldyz-Tor mountains by car (in translation from Kyrgyz - "Star gorge"). After we will join the hunters and start exploring the mountains. Today is the day of getting know closer the bird and a little practice. The bird`s weight  can reach from 3 to 6.5 kg, and its powerful paws with long claws can seriously injure, so during contact with it, the hunters put on the arm a hose from the horse's hide, and on top the glove. In addition, the golden eagle has sharp eyesight and can see the hare at a distance of 2 km, so that in order not to distract the bird, they put a special leather cap on the head. The hunter removes it from the bird's head when he sees the game, then issues a special cry. It takes just a few seconds to find the target.

All this you have to see and experience during the hunt. After the hanging we will go to the village of Bokonbaevo, where we’ll have an incredibly tasty dish - kuurdak – cooked from the extracted beast. We'll spend the night in the guest house.


Economy: Guest house
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Tong District
15 km
6 h
6 km, 0.5 h

5 Day. Goodbye Bishkek!

Transfer to Bishkek. Upon arrival in Bishkek, we’ll be accommodated at the hotel, have rest, and then we’ll go for a walk around the capital. We will pass along the central square of Ala-Too and examine the monument dedicated to hero of the folk epos "Aikol Manas" Manas the Magnanimous, exhibits of the State Historical Museum, a monument of Soviet politician Vladimir Lenin. In this square you will have a chance to observe the change of guard at the flagpole height of 45 m, and then we will go to the old square where are located the building of the government house and the monument to the leader of the Alai Kyrgyz Kyrgyz Kurmanzhan Datke.

After the walk we will go to the central department store (TSUM), where you can buy souvenirs for a nice memories of Kyrgyzstan. In the end of the day, you will have a farewell dinner, which will be accompanied by the folklore music in the teahouse "Baibol", where you will taste a unique dish of tash-cordo cooked according to the ancient recipe of hunters. Next mornig transfer to the airport -flight home.

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Golden eagle hunting


Recommendations for hunting tours

One of the most important recommendations, hunters can give us while travelling is to take spacious and durable backpack. Because you will have to move a lot especially in the mountainous terrain. It is better to take only the important staff in order to move comfortably. The list below will help you to take the most necessary things. Please use it as a guide:

  • a small backpack and an expeditionary backpack, in order to comfortably take it during the horseback riding;
  • riding boots (without a heel, without a platform, with a fixed back), fit sport shoes;
  • additional pair of shoes (if another pair is wet etc.);
  • tight trousers for riding;
  • waterproof jacket (wind jacket);
  • a light jacket with a long sleeve and a closed chest, or a shirt (for protection from the sun);
  • warm clothes in case of cool weather;
  • a couple of T-shirts, a hat (from the sun);
  • at least 2 pairs of warm and simple socks;
  • gloves;
  • gaiters;
  • sunscreen;
  • personal hygiene items and personal first-aid kit;
  • clock, altimeter (optional), power bank;
  • sunglasses;
  • a camera, batteries / batteries to it;
  • messenger bag for documents (if any).