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During your stay in the capital of Kyrgyzstan it is worth to visit one of the attractions and concurrently the main square of the city - Ala-Too Square. "Ala-too" translates as "motley mountains" and this name perfectly describes the face of the country, famous for its stunning mountain scenery. Ala-Too Square is located in the center of Bishkek and combines several attractions. On its perimeter there are: State Historical Museum, numbering about 90 thousand exhibits; Oak park with a monument of Friendship of Peoples. In the center is a 45-meter flagpole with a national flag measuring 10 * 15 meters. The flag is guarded by a guard of honor. Nearby is the 10 meter high equestrian statue of Manas, the legendary Kyrgyz batyr. In 2011, a monument to the greatest writer, known throughout the world, Chyngyz Aitmatov, was erected on the square. Ala-too is the heart of the Bishkek. The square has witnessed many important events in the life of the country: public events, celebrations, rallies and even revolutions. Here there are folk festivals, photo exhibitions and various performances. On holidays, the area is covered with thematic decorations: in the winter it flickers with New Year's lights and garlands, in the spring and summer dresses in flowers and flags, and in the evenings music sounds here.