Why Baibol ?

Baibol Soul

"Baibol Travel" is the soul of the Kyrgyz hospitable company. It works on the principle of ecotourism and fair trade. The business of "Baibol" is based on providing high-quality services in a unique ethnic style. The main mission of the team "Baibol" is the development of new types of affordable outdoor activities, tours and tourism in general in Kyrgyzstan. The rich history of the company, the government recognition and (the most important) a lot of positives feedback from our guests, give us confidence and inspiration to move in the right way.

It is our aim to support sustainability not only in society but also in trade. Our sustainability policy aims to minimize all negative effects on the natural and social environment.

In the  market of tourism services in Kyrgyzstan, Baibol Travel Company strives to provide alternative approaches more close to the changing needs of our customers. Our unique network, made up of associations and sports federations to the internationnal allowed us to aquire, over the years, a real sense of the customer service. We also work actively  to develops new  touristic services not previously available in Kyrgyzstan.

We put  the maximum efforts to make your vacation exciting, safe and unforgettable with the professional team "Baibol Travel".


Baibol History

"Baibol Travel" was founded in 2005 with the opening of our guest house in the Talas region. First it was  the rural house of Adyl Abylaev family. He was the soviet secondary school teacher awarded with the state award called "Dank" for his contribution and significant achievements in agriculture after reconstruction.

Thanks to work and talent of the guest house founder, soviet mining engineer Daniyar Abylaev, the two-story guest house later turned into a cozy, comfortable hotel in a glamorous ethnic style with excellent restaurant and hotel service and the best developed infrastructure in the Talas region.

The entire territory of the ethnographic complex "Baibol" and the village museum were decorated  by passion by Daniyar Abylayev. Over time, the ethnocomplex has gained special popularity among the visitors and travelers who want to plunge into the atmosphere of the ancient nomadic civilization.

The Baibol Guest Complex has shown itself as the main destination for various trips (tourist, business, conferences) in the Talas region and has been included in some foreign travel guides as the best place to visit in the region.


 Baibol Team

The main feature of the Baibol Travel team is a high professionalism exceptional hospitality, and his international dimension. Our flexible administrative team and a group of experts and guides do their best to promote the logistics, tours and services to be safe and comfortable. 

baibol team/ baibol travel / ala -archa

A team winter outing at Ala Archa National Park (2018)

Our mission, objectives, and principles

The main mission of Baibol Travel is the development of the new types of accessible active sports and tourism in Kyrgyzstan as a new international field of ecotourism.

The main goal of the company is to popularize the Talas region as an attractive tourist destination for local and foreign travelers. And also the improvement of hotel services in the Talas region, the development of international trend eco-tours and competitions, for the development of new types of tourism in Kyrgyzstan.

In order to popularize ecotourism, we strictly follow the principles of environmental protection . In addition, our company strives for the most fair bonus distribution  among all the participants of the  "Baibol Travel" company. There are artisans, shepherds, guides, as well as rural houses, museums, theaters, etc. The "Baibol Travel" also promotes  a healthy way of life of the population through the accessible sports and  new active kinds of multi sports in Kyrgyzstan.  

Feedback and awards

We are proud of Baibol Travel Company  brand which is  based on the feedback of our guests from all over the world and the rewards received from governmental and non-governmental organizations. We believe that this is only the beginning!