Ethnic eagle hunting of nomads

Hunting with golden eagles (Salbouroun) in Kyrgyzstan is a unique chance to comprehend all the secrets of this ancient art, having adopted the thousand-year experience of hereditary nomad hunters.

The culture of hunting with predatory bird was spread even B.C. by the Mongolian nomads, the Chinese emperors, the Korean peninsula, Indochina, Persia, the Middle East, and also in some parts of North America. However, with the development of agriculture and the proliferation of weapons, this type of hunting has almost disappeared.

Today hunting with an eagle, falcon or a hawk is practiced only in the UAE, Mongolia and some countries of Central Asia, among which is Kyrgyzstan. Baibol Travel Company is pleased to offer you to experience the real drive and excitement of hunting with a powerful predatory bird in an untouched nature in the open country or in the snowy mountains of the Tien Shan.

Eagle is considered to be one of the largest predatory birds, whose weight can reach from 3 to 6.5 kg. It has a powerful beak and paws with long claws, which can seriously injure, so when contacting the golden eagle, the hunter puts on his arm a horsehair sleeve and a glove on top. In addition, she has sharp eyesight and is able to see the hare at a distance of 2 km, not to distract the bird, it is put on the head a special leather cap. The hunter removes it from the head of the eagle, when it sees the game and issues a special signal. The golden eagle grabs a couple of seconds to find the target. A well-trained bird is capable of producing large game: fox, wolf and even a mountain goat.

During the hunting you will be able to trace and challenge yourself, how graceful bird flies from the owner's hand and strives to catch a game.

While searching such games as: jackals, foxes, hares and marmots, we will explore the most beautiful and unexplored corners of the country on horseback, see rare wild animals, spend the night in yurts and of course, cook and taste the delicious fries from the game at the stake. During this exciting adventure, you will be accompanied by hereditary Berkutchi hunters and an experienced naturalist guide, perfectly oriented in the area.

During the trip we advise you to communicate with berkutchi to better learn all the tricks of their skills and to feel the real culture of nomadic civilization. They will show you the connection between a hunter and an eagle is usually born during a community hunt lasts the whole life.  When the bird is stolen from the nest while it is a chick, then is fed and taught hunting. Years later, in sign of gratitude, the golden eagle is released.

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Eagle hunting in Kyrgyzstan

Golden eagle hunting in Kyrgyzstan – experience the real enthusiasm during the ancient hunting of nomads with the birds of prey and hounds on the expanses of the great prairies and the Tien-Shan mountains, accompanied by professio

5 days
August - March
620 km, 9 h