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The Dubovyi (Oak) Park is the central and the oldest park in Bishkek, with the ancient history, that was founded in 1890. The first trees were planted in the area of 2.3 hectares by the students of the agricultural school directed by the plant scientist A Fetisov. In 2010 the oak park was renamed to the park of Chinghiz Aitmatov.

The oak park is conditionally divided into two parts: the first – garden part, for walking among the huge oaks, the second one is the cultural part, where the monuments, statues and the historical building are allocated. There are a lot of sightseeing such as fountain called “Twelve cups”, eleven-meter granite obelisk nearby the graves of Red Army men, the avenue of Kyrgyz outstanding people and the open air Museum of sculptures.

The first sculptures were installed in 1984. There were metal, concrete, and wooden statues, brought by the participants of All-Union workshop of sculptors. In 2004 the monument to F. E. Dzerjinski was replaced by the monument of Kurmanjan Datka who established the relations between Kirghizia and the Russian Empire.