Baibol Complex

  • Baibol Guest House
  • Baibol Ethno Park
  • Baibol Rural Museum
  • Baibol Conference Hall

BAIBOL Travel is happy to welcome all its visitors in its cosy hotel conceived in the ethnic style. This place is ideal for recreation and work. We have done everything to ensure your comfort and security during your stay in our unique house.

We offer you a modern guest house with national color equipped with all state-of-the-art technologies for a good rest. BAIBOL TRAVEL has a spacious two-storied house with a guest-room for 20 persons. Our hotel with quality services offers you deluxe single and twin rooms designed in the traditional style. There you can feel the Kyrgyz hospitality and experience culture. There are cottages in the ethnic style on the territory of BAIBOL ETHNO CENTRE. Cozy cottages in the park are an excellent place to get away from noisy and fussy cities.

Face to face with nature in a cosy modern cottage in the BAIBOL ETHNIC PARK, which matches the ethno atmosphere so well, you can try traditional food, relax both physically and spiritually as well as enjoy gazing at the astounding Echkili Mountains. Our guests have an opportunity to spend a night in the traditional Kyrgyz dwelling – the yurt. The unique in its sort Yurt gives the opportunity to plunge into the life of Medieval Kyrgyz, to learn for oneself how they had lived, to live like they had lived, to learn their history, and to enjoy all the positives of the nomadic life.

While staying in a BAIBOL house, you can take part in BAIBOL tours or have a business or any other event in the BAIBOL conference hall. You can feel all bright colours of nomadic life with BAIBOL Travel!

This garden, we can say for sure, is a piece of art which has been made by Daniyar Abylaev and his family with a lot of hard work and love. Along the stone path winding among trees the artist arranged his sculptures to make his visitors immerse into calm and thinking. Firstly, you have to walk on the meticulously modeled bridge which looks out to a creek, then you walk the path with fountains when finally you reach the Kyrgyz terraces called topchans. In summer you can try not only lamb or beef shashliks (Central Asian meat on skewers), other delicacies, and traditional food of 80 ethnicities of Kyrgyzstan, but also tash kordo - a dish of the Kyrgyz hunters cooked from the old recipe in a special oven.

In this green oasis – the Baibol Ethno Park – you will discover quiet spaces with various atmospheres: either pristine or comfortable. A small stone house is an ideal place to isolate from the world to plunge into reading. The wooden tables under apple trees are a place to play cards or chess after a charged day of skiing on Baibol tours.

Looking out to the garden there are two brick cottages with a beautiful view of the Echkili Mountain, forest, river, and valley – they all have the same name Talas. 

The unique Kyrgyz service in the Baibol Ethno Garden is at your disposal!


The Baibol ethnic museum offers you artifacts of the ancient Kyrgyz civilization including family rarities of the medieval period and the beginning of Soviet Kyrgyzstan.

There are over 200 showpieces in the museum and many others are located in the Baibol ethno-compound premises. Its founder is Daniyar Abylaev - a young growing farmer who has been collecting Kyrgyz antiques in the Talas valley. After having founded the ethno-compound, Daniyar has decided to share his artistic sculptures and a collection of antiquities. This way the visitors can immerse themselves in the Kyrgyz nomadic civilization, its ancient culture, traditions, rites, and lifestyle.

The museum showcases Stone Age archeological finds, weapons, labor tools, petroglyphs, handmade antique yurt decorations, utensils, female jewelry, and clothes, horse harness, stones with runic writings, and various attributes of a nomadic life.

The Baibol Museum offers showpieces collected in the region which will surround you during your stay in the ethno-compound. This way you will touch the Antiquity, see local craftsmen who have kept secrets of their craft and transfered them from generation to generation.

We’re happy to share the ancient history of the nomadic civilization with you!


The Baibol Conference Room with its Business Center in an ethnic design is equipped with all necessary devices for your conference or business meeting to be a success.

The Kyrgyz ethnic design of the Conference Room will create a special atmosphere for having business meetings. During coffee breaks and lunch you can have a wonderful opportunity to have a walk in the adjacent Baibol Ethno Park.

Business lunches for all participants of your conference will be on Kyrgyz trestle beds or in a yurt in the Ethno Park. Business lunches prepared per traditional cuisine will allow you to have a good quality meeting but also to taste Kyrgyz food cooked according to the ancient recipes.

The peculiarity of the restaurant service in the Baibol compound is that the biologically clean produce grown on its territory is used to prepare all the food. This produce gives a special taste to the traditional dishes prepared according to the old recipes. The exquisite delicacy is the Kyrgyz hunter dish TASH KORDO – a lamb roasted in a special oven.

There is everything in the Conference Room of our hotel - an additional room for small meetings, with a screen projector, professional sound equipment, internet connection and a modern business center to ensure perfect operation of technical equipment and comfortable atmosphere for the solution of business problems. Your speeches and presentations are always eloquent and efficient thanks to modern technology, remarkable organizational abilities of our employees and the unique surrounding in a traditional style.

The Baibol Conference Room offers you unconventional solutions to deliver various group events, celebrations in the open air in a colorful traditional style.