III Word Nomad Games 2018 in Issyk Kul lake

Published: February 23, 2018 at 0:10 | Author: Baibol Travel

Save the date !!! Live an unique experience on the III World Nomad’s Games in September 2018 !

With an edition only one week every 2 years, World nomad game his known as the main traditional event in Central Asia and the only only Olympics of nomadic culture.

After the great succes of the two last edition, the organisation decide this years to open the Olympics to more country around the world and and has put in place the necessary infrastructure while maintaining its unique charm.


The site of the 2016 edition, near from Issyk - Kul Lake


In a unique natural sitting, more than 80 countries represented. From China, to Turkey through Iran, Russia and India. Even some nomads from American (U.S.A, Argentine, Brasil...), African (Swaziland, Benin, Madagascar...) and European continent  (Germany, Italy, Netherlands…) join us in 2018 to celebrate the nomad’s spirit and lifestyle !

German participants of the 2016 edition.


36 ethnic sport disciplines in one place including the famous Kok Boru (UNESCO World Heritage).

Traditional Kok-Buru game between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.


But also the Greco Roman wrestling, horseback wrestling, mounted archery, long-distance racing, eagle hunting … and many more !

Show with burning riders

Greco Roman wrestling

Exceptional demonstration of archery.

Handicrafts workshops, folk festival, theatrical performances are everywhere and reveals the the richness of nomadic culture.


Traditional Kirghiz Theatral exhibition

We are, of course at your service to arrange your all inclusive visit to third edition of World Nomad Games including accommodation in Comfortable Guest House, transportation, exclusif entrance tickets for the opening ceremony and many other surprises ...

So we give you an appointment during the first week of September ( 2nd to the 8th) et from this date don’t hesitate to contact us for more details or to discuss of a tour including the World Nomads Games.

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