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The Sary-Chelek lake is very popular among the travelers and the tourists, for it’s charming wild nature. From the Kyrgyz language Sary-chelek means “a yellow vase”,  due to the fact that the lake has a shape of deep vessel. In the fall, the Sary-Chelek lake is covered with the yellow leaves, therefore it looks like yellow vase.

Sary-Chelek is a unique lake.  It is the third deepest lake in the Central Asia, and the second in Kyrgyzstan.  The lake was formed by the devastating earthquake 10 thousand years ago when a massive landslide blocked the effluxion  of the Kara-Suu – Koldjo-Ata rivers,  consequently the river flooded the whole valley.

The Reserve is located at an altitudes of 1940 m above sea level in small mountain hollow in the Chatkal Mountains , 500 km from Bishkek and 300 km from Osh city. it stretches for some 7.5 kilometers,  it’s deepest point reaches a depth of 234 m.

The water temperature in summer is +18 °C, in winter from +4 °C to 0 °C.  Sary-Chelek is freshwater lake, and there is one  river flow out  of Sary-Chelek named Kodjo-Ata. Sary-Chelek is situated in the central part of the national reserve.   Here you can observe the diverse flora and fauna (300 species of plants, 32 species of trees, 80 types of bushes, 38 species of animals and 157 species of birds).

There are spruce and fir forests in the south coast of Sary-Chelek.  Despite the warm weather  there is always  coolness and freshness , and the wild raspberry and blackberry grow right on the hills.