"Baibol" Guest House

Room characteristics


BAIBOL Travel is happy to welcome all its visitors in its cosy hotel conceived in the ethnic style. This place is ideal for recreation and work. We have done everything to ensure your comfort and security during your stay in our unique house.

We offer you a modern guest house with national color equipped with all state-of-the-art technologies for a good rest. BAIBOL TRAVEL has a spacious two-storied house with a guest-room for 20 persons. Our hotel with quality services offers you deluxe single and twin rooms designed in the traditional style. There you can feel the Kyrgyz hospitality and experience culture. There are cottages in the ethnic style on the territory of BAIBOL ETHNO CENTRE. Cozy cottages in the park are an excellent place to get away from noisy and fussy cities.

Face to face with nature in a cosy modern cottage in the BAIBOL ETHNIC PARK, which matches the ethno atmosphere so well, you can try traditional food, relax both physically and spiritually as well as enjoy gazing at the astounding Echkili Mountains. Our guests have an opportunity to spend a night in the traditional Kyrgyz dwelling – the yurt. The unique in its sort Yurt gives the opportunity to plunge into the life of Medieval Kyrgyz, to learn for oneself how they had lived, to live like they had lived, to learn their history, and to enjoy all the positives of the nomadic life.

While staying in a BAIBOL house, you can take part in BAIBOL tours or have a business or any other event in the BAIBOL conference hall. You can feel all bright colours of nomadic life with BAIBOL Travel!


Bakay-Ata District, Ozgorysh village, 24, Ozgorysh st
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