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Chon-Kemin is a unique natural complex, which includes a gorge, a valley and a stormy river. It is located 150 km to the east of the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The Chon-Kemin River originates at the junction of the Kungey-Ala-Too and Ili-Ala-Too ridges, flows through the entire green valley and flows into the Chu river. The length of the Chon-Kemin valley is 12 km, and the width is 6 km. Here is a rich natural park of 500 hectares. On the territory of Chon-Kemin, a rare ephedra or conifers grows, as well as unique representatives of the animal world, such as a hare-tolai and a pheasant. Thanks to this, Kemin Park is considered a protected area and is strictly protected by the government. The area is also notable for the presence of 7 small mountain lakes. A special charm for Chon-Kemin is given by a variety of landscapes: a valley full of vegetation, mountain peaks decorated with glaciers, alpine meadows and ponds with the purest cool water. The air temperature is very diverse - the warm air of the valley, as it rises, cools and reaches the lowest possible markings at the glaciers. The complex enjoys great popularity among fans of mountain tourism and extreme sports and has a lot of positive feedback. Having visited the Chon-Kemin valley, you will surely discover something new and incredibly exciting, whether it is rafting along a stormy river, climbing a steep peak or simply contemplating nature in its pristine state.