Kalmak-Ashuu Pass

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In the Naryn region, at an altitude of 3447 m, the Kalmak-Ashuu Pass is located. The road through the pass is open only from June to October, in the summer-autumn period. The rest of the time there are impassable snow. Ironically, the name Kalmak-Ashuu can be translated as "the path is open" or "open pass". The pass is famous for its access to the northern shore of Son-Kul lake. This lake is the second largest in Kyrgyzstan, around it there are extremely picturesque places, and it is impossible to look away from the water. Also, the Kalmak-Ashuu Pass is extremely popular among cyclists who come here from all over the world. They overcome steep slopes and stingrays with a great passion and return to the local places again and again.

At the beginning of the way the road goes sharply uphill, which makes the climb quite difficult. The surrounding view changes color and texture all the time: from stony dunes to green hills. Here you can meet peacefully grazing mountain yaks - majestic animals that amaze with their power. Also in the vast meadows of the pass the mountain edelweiss grow. These beautiful flowers have become a real symbol of the mountains; lyrical works are dedicated to them. From the highest point you can see the surrounding mountain peaks and the valley, from where the ascent began. There is an opportunity to estimate the scale of the done path and is breathtaking. Further, the road leads to descent and hiking down is greatly accelerated. Very little remains until the meeting with the Son-Kul Lake. The journey through the Kalmak-Ashuu Pass is an exciting adventure and an opportunity to test your own strength.