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Kyrgyz ridge or Kyrgyz Ala-Too is one of the mountain ranges of the inner Tien-Shan. Limiting the Chui valley from the South, it stretches from East to West with a continuous chain of high snowy peaks. The length of the Kyrgyz range is 454 kilometers, it originates from the mountains of Kyzyl Ampol Issyk-Kul basin and out to the West along the Northern border of Kyrgyzstan to the Kazakh city Taraz.

Its width varies from 10 to 40 kilometers, the average altitude is 3700 meters, and the highest point of the ridge is the peak of the West Alamedin, located at an altitude of 4875 meters. The average annual temperature at the foot of the mountains in January is - 4-5С0, and at an altitude of over 4000 meters above sea level comes to-25С0; July 20-23 S0 (mountains), and 0 5С0 (on mountain tops).

The slopes of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too asymmetric: its Northern slope is more gently rolling and is almost 30 miles longer than the South. Both slopes impress with the variety of the mountain landscape, where the rocky cliffs and gorges give way to beautiful valleys with mountain lakes and fir forests. With the unique forests of Tien Shan fir-trees are mainly concentrated on the Northern slopes of the ridge, most of the time of year they are covered with snow.

Richly illuminated with a sunlight, on the southern slopes, there are grassy meadows and pastures-dzhayloo. At an altitude of over 3700 there are numerous glaciers and snowfields, the total area of glaciation is 223 square kilometres. Its majestic mountains called the Kyrgyz Ala-Too, according to the scientists, the term "Ala" was anciently used anciently to indicate high snow-glacial mountains.

The main part of the Kyrgyz ridge lies in the Chui region and has more than 10 gorges. The most famous of them are the gorges BASA Oruu-say SAI, Chon-Kemin, Alamedin and the natural reserve Ala-Archa. The slopes of ravines are covered with coniferous forests listed in the Red Book, and there are many waterfalls and springs with the mineral spring water with therapeutic properties.

Among the fans of extreme tourism is very popular natural reserve Ala-Archa area of 2200 ha. The high mountain peaks and glaciers on its territory, attract climbers all over the world. At the height of 2000 meters for them standard camp " Ratsek cabin". For lovers of mountain walks and winter sports on the slopes of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too there are ski resorts and hotels.