The Ak-Sai glacier

Alamüdün District

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Trekking to the foot of the glacier AK-SAI (White gorge), a great place for acclimatization of tourists who come to Kyrgyzstan. The glacier is located in 40 km from Bishkek in the picturesque Ala-Archa gorge at the altitude of 3500 meters above the sea level in the natural national Park Ala-Archa.

This gorge is the largest one all over the gorges of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too (part of the mountain system of Tien-Shan); its length is more than 35 km.  The length of the Ak-Sai glacier is 5 km; it is the most beautiful glacier among the largest ones:  Golubina, Top-Karagai, Tuyuk, and Ala-Archa.

The Ak-Sai glacier and waterfall are the most visited sightseeing spots of the Park. The Ak-Sai glacier is allocated in the middle of a huge icefall.  There are about 50 glaciers in this area.

The highest points of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too such as :  the Teacher (4527 m.), Baychechek (4515 m), solid Crown (4860 m), Boks (4240 m), Free Korea peak (4740 m), Bilan-Bashi (4700 m), Simagin (4400 m), Teke-tor (4441 m), AK-Too (4620 m) and the highest Semenova-Tyan-Shan (4875 m) are also allocated there.

There are 4 standard camps at the bottom of the glacier, the most famous is the Ratcek cabin. It is a point of departure to the highest peaks for the alpinists.  The Trekkings in this area are so popular that there are already 80 passed routes.

There are many panoramic places, where you can find magnificent views of the fascinating mountains.