Alamedin Gorge

Alamüdün District

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In 30 kilometers from Bishkek, there is a small gorge called Alamedin. The main and adjacent areas of the gorge are located at an altitude of 1800-2015 m. Gorge is very popular among holidaymakers. It is widely known due to natural radon sources. In the gorge there is a sanatorium-preventorium Warm Keys, built in the times of the Soviet Union. In this institution you can perfectly relax and restore health. Procedures with the use of mineral waters are aimed at combating sleep disorders, stress and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Swimming in the healing water and mud treatment perfectly cope with ailments that affect the skin. And drinking water from natural sources perfectly cleanses the body and has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the liver and gall bladder. To the great pleasure of tourists on the territory of the sanatorium there is an outdoor swimming pool. It is filled with water from underground keys, the temperature of which is 30-56 degrees. After taking the healing baths, you can take a walk along the gorge and enjoy the views of the beautiful nature. The view is shown by abundant thickets of sea-buckthorn, rocks covered with colored moss and lichen. The noise of a nearby river lulls. Above in the depths of the gorge, several waterfalls pour down their waters from the rocks. In the summer, the bright green grass, fresh air and mild sunny weather contribute to have a picnic. Nowhere else you will find the food so tasty and desirable, as in the Kyrgyz mountains. During a walk through the eyes come across trees and shrubs covered with a variety of tissue nodules: according to the belief, you can tie a knot, make a comeback here and the desire will come true. Thanks to its proximity to the capital and the presence of a good asphalt road, rest in Alamedin will be laid in one day.