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Reading about all the beauties of Kyrgyzstan and its sights, eyes flutter, you might want to visit each of these places. One of such paradisiacal corners is the Sokuluk gorge. If you stayed in the capital and your plans do not include a trip to the provinces, then this gorge is just what you need to get acquainted with the unique nature of the country. Sokuluk gorge is located just in 72 km from Bishkek, near the Ala-Archa gorge. There is a river of the same name in the gorge, a rough and winding river, like a mountain river. It circles around its mountains and flows through a green valley. On the bank of the river is the village of Tash-Bulak. Part of the gorge is covered with forest thickets, among which the “archa” prevails, but there is also barberry, blackberry, wild currant. In the spring and summer, the terrain is decorated with flowery hawthorn and dogrose. In the grass under your feet you can find red beads - strawberry berries. Gemstone stones are given a colorful variety of mosses and lichens. Gray cliffs contrast with hills and slopes covered with emerald grass. The climate in the gorge is quite mild, but neglecting warm clothes and panama from the sun is not worth it. On the territory of Sokuluk is located one of the largest waterfalls of the country. Its height is 60 meters, and in the people it was called the Dove Waterfall. Breaking off the cliff with a powerful stream of water, it splits into thousands of water splashes and the earth reaches already a foggy cloud. The water here is delicious, clean and cool and has a glacial origin. The excursion to the Sokuluk gorge will be completed in one day. If you leave in the morning, then you can return to the city before dark. It is worth taking with you a camera, because in such a picturesque place even the beginning photographer has chance to make a shot worthy of the exhibition.