Kegety Gorge

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One of the treasures of Kyrgyzstan is the Kegety gorge. It is located in 90 km from the capital. Kegety extends about 27 kilometers. Picturesque hillsides of the gorge are attached to the slopes of the gorge, bright berries of rowan and barberry. Through the gorge, the Kegety River flows. It originates at the highest point of the gorge – 3150 m. One of the most attractive places in this territory is the Kol-Tor lake. It is located at an altitude of 2725 m above sea level. In the waters of this lake, you can see many shades, from bright blue to brownish green, depending on the weather and time of day. But most of the time the reservoir retains a beckoning turquoise color. On the way to the lake, it is better to give the pedestrian route to get more impressions. But no less entertaining is a horse ride. Three kilometers from the lake there are glaciers, the melting of which forms a lot of streams. Along the gorge, 20 meters from the road you can see a small waterfall. It is very easy to detect by the characteristic sound of the falling streams of water. Another waterfall is in the depths of the central gorge. Kegety and the coastal nature of Kol-Tor abound with berries, herbs and juniper groves. There is a guest house on the territory of the gorge, which will be an ideal place for a rest. In it you can get acquainted with the national cuisine and the decoration of the local hospitable people. Due to the diversity of the landscape, a visit to the Kegety gorge will be equally attractive for both climbers and hikers for hiking in nature.