Barskoon Gorge

Jeti-Ögüz District

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In the shadow of Terskey Ala-Too, a gorge called Barskoon is hidden. It can be found in the Issyk-Kul region, 80 kilometers from the city of Karakol. The nearest settlement is Tamga settlement. Here you can stay for the night and it is from here the road to the beautiful gorge begins. The area is famous for a number of attractions. One of which is a monument to Gagarin, as is known the astronaut rested here after the famous flight. In the territory of Barskoon there are several picturesque waterfalls: Tears of the Leopard, Champagne Spray, Piala Manas and Beard Aksakala. Each of the titles has its own legend of origin. If you make an effort, you can visit them all in one day. But it's better to stretch the pleasure and stay in these wondrous edges for a few days. The most famous peaks of the gorge are Peak Gagarin, Peak dedicated to the feat of Panfilovtsy (4610 m) and Peak of the World Council (4310 m). The pass of the Barskoon gorge is located at an altitude of 3816 m. Nearby is the gold mining Kumtor, which brings one-third of the country's budget. Gold can be found in the river of the gorge. If the route is correctly constructed, during your stay in Barskoon you can have a great time, conquer several mountain peaks and visit all stormy waterfalls.