Chychkan Gorge

Toktogul District

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Kyrgyzstan is often compared to the Land of Alpine meadows. And the tourists gave him the poetic name \"Little Switzerland\", thanks to the abundance of picturesque mountain landscapes and localities. The Chychkan Gorge is a confirmation of this. The gorge is located along the Bishkek-Osh road, behind the Ala-Bel pass, at an altitude of 2200 m. Along the main artery \"north-south\" of the gorge there are several hotel complexes where you can stay for the night, taste national dishes and drinks. Chychkan got its name because of the abundance of field rodents (\"chychkan\" in kyrgyz means \"mouse\"). Fortunately, these are not the only representatives of the local fauna. Here you have a unique opportunity to see the wild boar, mountain “arhars”, majestic ibex and eagles, the wingspan of which is up to 2.5 meters. Local residents tell that this bird is capable of raising a lamb into the air. The river with the same name flows in the gorge. Along the banks of the Chychkan River there are several fisheries. Although special enthusiasts are fishing directly from the shores of the reservoir, we recommend you to choose one of the fish farms where you will cook freshly caught fish and serve it in the best possible way. Continuing our tour, you can see a roaring 8-meter waterfall, and then - the Saz-Kel mountain lake. The lake is surrounded on all sides by a chain of mountains. Mountain peaks are covered with turbulent vegetation from barberry, juniper and wild blackberries. You can make a halt and enjoy the surrounding magnificence. The cool air is so fresh that you want to breathe deeply. Here, at an altitude of 2200 meters, among the ridges and peaks comes a soul pacification. The unique beauty of nature, high mountains and stormy rivers is a real delight! Gorge Chychkan will be a discovery for lovers of mountain tourism and outdoor activities. In this place you would fall in love at first sight, immediately and forever.

The picturesque mountain gorge Chychkan is a place worth visit once in a lifetime. Gorge will be attractive for lovers of mountain tourism, outdoor activities and fishing. High mountain peaks, conquering which you would find harmony with yourself, stormy rivers and a waterfall, bewitching soul, pristine nature with the purest air create a feeling of being in a fairy tale. In this place you fall in love once and for all.