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The biosphere reserve of Sary-Chelek was founded in 1959. It is located in the south, in the Jalalabad region of Kyrgyzstan. The Sarychelek reserve is marked by UNESCO and is included in the worldwide network of biosphere reserve zones. The perimeter of the reserve is really huge: it is spread over 23868 hectares. The diversity of nature is also very impressive, because there are mountains, plains, gorges, forests, rivers and lakes in the territory of Sary-Chelek. The pearl of the region is the lake Sary-Chelek. It is located at an altitude of 1878 meters. The reservoir was formed about 10 thousand years ago as a result of the collapse. On its southern coast, magnificent walnut-fruit forests have grown - another treasure of the area. In addition to the main lake, there are several small, but no less beautiful lakes. Some of them are connected by the Kara-Suu river. The main river is Kojo-Ata, it divides the terrain in half. The local flora is rich in medicinal herbs and plants. Also there are thickets of hawthorn, “archa”, juniper, barberry, fir seeds and blue Tien Shan firs. Several species of predatory birds, porcupines, foxes, lynxes, roe deer, wild boar and deer have settled in these fertile lands. The favorite of Internet users - wild cat manul is found in the reserve. In summer, due to the abundance of variegated vegetation, the chance to meet representatives of the local fauna is very small. But in the winter can not only be lucky to find traces, but also to observe animals with their own eyes in their natural habitat. Through the reserve there are three types of route: foot, car and horse - depending on the desire and possibilities. The Sary-Chelek Reserve is a magical place with untouched unspoilt nature, a visit that surpasses all expectations.