Unique nomadic civilization of Central Asia: culture, traditions and customs of Kyrgyz people

Kyrgyzstan is a country with the ancient nomadic history and rich culture. Traveling through the mountains of the seven-thousands is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique nomadic civilization and explore its amazing world, where the unity, diversity, and balance have always been the main features. In our page of the peculiarities of the culture and traditions of Kyrgyz people you can find amazing discoveries, and also unforgettable impressions await you among the real nomads of Central Asia. You will get acquainted with interesting people - descendants of ancient nomads and their folklore: Kyrgyz folk songs, legends and customs, try Kyrgyz national dishes and drinks, you will see exciting national games and ancient hunting with golden eagle. In addition, you will know how unique the yurt is, why the ancient nomads installed stone sculptures of their ancestors near the mounds, and most importantly you will learn the incredible hospitality of the Kyrgyz, reflecting the soul and mentality of the people.