Tash-Kordo – Ancient dish of the Kyrgyz


National cuisine in all Nations are different, depending on what way of life led ancient peoples. It is not a secret that special place in the Kyrgyz national cuisine are the meat dishes, because the Kyrgyz nomadic people who for centuries were engaged in animal husbandry, in contrast to their farmer neighbors.

Tash –Cordo is one of the ancient and at the same time forgotten dishes of Kyrgyz people, which can rightly be called the king of Kyrgyz cuisine. Tash-Cordo is a favorite dish of ancient hunters. So, and not otherwise, is popularly called is a healthy and delicious national dish of the Kyrgyz people.

According to ancient tradition, Kyrgyz people have always met guests with special respect, sacrificing the animal and cooking the meat on the fire in a cauldron (pot). However, hunters came up with a great idea to cook meat in a special way, as there were not any conditions to prepare food. Thus appeared the national Kyrgyz dish –Tash Cordo.

To prepare this incredibly tasty and healthy dish, the hunters prepared a hole with radius of about 1 meter, the wall was placed with the stones, and kindled a fire. When the wood is completely burned, they hang above the hot stones the meat of a prey pre-prepared and pickled papper and salt carcass.

It was closed with branches and covered with animal skin. Thus the hot steam stays inside the "oven". Therefore, the pieces of meat were cooking for some hours. Today the masters of national cuisine prepare Tash –Cordo of young lambs selected from 1 to 1.5 years the way that it melts in your mouth in the literal sense of the word.