National Games

Kuryosh (in translation from Kyrgyz - "struggle") is traditional wrestling of the Turkic peoples, which is an independent kind of sport. Koresh is belt wrestling. In Kyrgyzstan, the wrestlers of this sport are called "kureoshu", "balban".                                      

From the immemorial time, the Turks arranged the kuryosh competitions during large parties, weddings and other joyous events. In the case of Kyrgyz, Kazakhs and Chuvashes,the belt wrestling is accompanied by an active struggle of the legs, unlike the Bashkirs and Tatars. Competitions on kuryoshu are held among not only men, but also women and teenagers.                              

In 2003, the kuryosh is featured in the Asian Games - the continental model of the Olympic Games, and in 2016 in the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.