Ala-Kol Lake

Ak-Suu District

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Ala-Kol Lake is located at an altitude of 3532 meters above sea level and surrounded by Terskey Ala-Too. It is considered to be one of the largest lakes in the area, and there are a total of 729. Ala-Kol is a glacial lake and therefore the water in it is crystal clear and cold. The glacier feeding the pond is visible from its shore and occupies the upper part of the valley. Outflow from the lake turns into a waterfall. The coastline of Ala-Kol stretches for 6.8 km. The nearest city from the lake is the city of Karakol. Often in the summer, the lake becomes a place of rest for travelers during tracking from Altyn-Arashan along the popular route to Zheti-Oguz. You can get to the lake not only from the Altyn-Arashan valley, but also through one of the ridges surrounding it. From December to May the lake is covered with ice. And in the summer autumn period it is possible to observe a real riot of colors: Ala-Kol changes its color to unimaginable shades, depending on the weather conditions, the time of year. Because of this variability of color scales, the lake got its name Ala-Kol - a motley lake. The view of the lake pacifies and delights at the same time. It is a real decoration and attraction of local places. There is no automobile path to the lake, but you can choose between the foot and horse route. Landscape along the road pleases with a variety: from the valley and coniferous forest to the rocky terrain with interspersed snow and ice. It is preferable to go there prepared, or even better to take camping equipment with you to get an opportunity to spend more time in this wonderful place.