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The Altyn-Arashan gorge, located in the east of Issyk-Kul Lake. It has been known for many years not only for its unique nature, but also for hot springs due to which it got its name (from Kyrgyz Altyn-Arashan means "golden healing springs").

The famous resort "Altyn-Arashan" is located in the center of the gorge at an altitude of 2600 meters above the sea level on the bank of the mountain river Arashan, it was created on the basis of hot springs with increased mineralization and radioactivity.  The natural resources have high healing properties and different structure and temperature of the water.

The "Altyn-Arashan" water is enriched with radon, and its temperature reaches 50 °C. Radon baths have a therapeutic effect on the human body as a whole. It is especially recommended for the treatment of supporting-motor apparatus, cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems. On the territory of the resort there are artificial reservoirs with medicinal water, created by human hands at the site of wells, as well as wild springs located along the Arashan River

The Altyn-Arashan gorge and source are located in a huge reserve of 30.5 thousand hectares. Its territory is surrounded by mountain slopes and covered with relict Tien-Shan firs and alpine meadows. The flora and fauna here are very diverse. There are common species of animals and plants, and rare, endangered species listed in the Red Book (mammals: marals, mountain marmot, badger, marten, fox, brown bear, lynx, snow leopard, birds: pheasant, snowcock, Black grouse, griffon, etc.).

The territory of the reserve attracts travelers with picturesque mountain peaks such as Aksuyskaya (5022 m), Soviet Russia (4900 m), glacial lakes Kashka-Suu and Ala-Köl, numerous beautiful waterfalls up to 15 meters high: Sharkyratma, Kuldurek, Archali-Tor, Takyr -Tor.  The end of July and August are the best time of year for visiting the gorge of Altyn-Arashan. During this period, you can fully enjoy the amazing views of the pristine nature, pure mountain air and healing springs of Altyn-Arashan.