Merzbacher Lake

Ak-Suu District

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Merzbacher Lake can rightfully be called one of the wonders of the world. The unusual nature of this reservoir is that it can disappear. But about everything in order. The lake is located exactly between the ridges of Sary-Zhaz and Tengri-Tag, at an altitude of 3304 m. It is filled with the waters of the Enilchek glacier. The maximum depth is 75 m, and the area is 4.5 square kilometers. The blue water is diluted with icy shades, and the coastal zone is drained with gray rocks with hats of snow-white snow. The first discoverer of the lake was the German scientist Godfried Merzbacher in 1903. He and members of his expedition were the first to witness the disappearance of the reservoir. Lake Merzbacher has as many as 2 pools. And the phenomenon of extinction is that twice a year, when the temperature of the water reaches 10 degrees Celsius, subglacial channels are formed along which water flows into the river Enilchek. This phenomenon can be observed twice a year (in winter and summer), it is accompanied by loud noise. The rate of water leakage is so great that the lake empties in 2-7 days. In the world there are only a few lakes with similar properties. Every year, to Merzbacher Lake flows tourists not only to enjoy the marvelous surrounding scenery and breathe in the chilling mountain air, but also in the hope of seeing this unusual process.