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Near the western part of Son-Kul Lake there is a place with a beautiful name of Jyrgalan. "Jyrgalan" translates as "bliss" and completely justifies its name. In summer, the valley and the adjoining territories are buried in the luscious greenery of the grasses, an intoxicating aroma of flowers is heard in the district. It is here that attraction is located: The Tulpar-Tash stone. This is a huge boulder, 8 meters high, painted with ancient drawings, the significance of which scientists argue until now. It has long been a place of pilgrimage for tourists. According to legend, on the stone remained the track of the horse Manas batyr. After the Ak-Kul horse left the imprint of its mighty hoof on the rock, it was called Tulpar-Tash, which means "horse-rock". If you decide to choose Tulpar-Tash as the place of your trip, then you are very lucky. After all, the stone is in a picturesque area, where in the summer you can take a course of kumysolecheniye (treatment with a drink made from medicinal mare's milk). Well, if you decided to see a miracle stone in the winter, you will be lucky enough to visit the freeride base, which will be a pleasant bonus for lovers of winter sports as entertainment.