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The Ala-Archa natural park is rich in sights. Here at an altitude of 3400 m, in the realm of mountains and glaciers stands the Hut of Racek. The hut of Racek is known to everyone in the world of mountaineering: from ancient times to this day it is a place of rest on the way to the Ak-Sai glacier. Previously, the hut was the only stone structure in this area. At the moment there is a camp of climbers, where a beginner has a chance to take rock climbing lessons and equipment for rent. The place is very convenient for setting up a tent and breaking up the camp. The most interesting routes and tracks are built across the hut of Racek. The nearest peaks available for climbing are the peak of Semenov-Tien Shan (4875 m), the peak of Krone and the smallest of them - Baichechek (4515 m). The reserve of food can be replenished here in the camp of climbers, and the water is taken from the purest glacial waterfall. Here are the fans of mountains from all over the world, and there is a chance to find like-minded people and make interesting acquaintances.