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Suusamyr Alpine valley is located in 130 km from Bishkek at the altitude of 2200-2600 meters above the sea level, surrounded by three mountain ranges that give it the shape of a triangle. The North side of the valley is the longest, it equals 100 km, and runs along the ridge Kyrgyz Ala-Too, from the South-West of the valley limits the range Suusamyr-Too, and from the South-East closes Jumgal Too. The area of the valley is more than 4,000 sq. km, and the width at the widest part of up to 40 km.

The climate in the valley is sharply continental. In January the average temperature is 20-21 0C, in July 13-14 0C. The winters are long and snowy, almost 6 months of the year is thick and powdery snow, which reaches a height of one meter. Due to climate and variety of terrain slopes, the valley Suusamyr valley is a real Paradise for skiers and snowboarders with different levels of training.

In the summer the whole valley is covered with a colorful carpet of meadow grasses and flowers, which, like a sea of green, swaying in the sharp westerly and North-westerly winds. At night in the valley often drops heavy dew, but sometimes it frosts. Suusamyr is a classic example of an Alpine summer pastures and is considered one of the best jailoo of Kyrgyzstan. In the summer season, dozens of yurts filled the valley: Kyrgyz continue the tradition of nomadic livestock farming, as their ancestors did centuries ago.

In the territory of the Suusamyr valley, you can meet rare species of animals and plants listed in the Red book (brown bear, lynx, snow leopard, Tien-Shan spruce). In the lowest part of the valley there are unique historical monuments: the medieval settlement of Suusamyr, stone sculptures and ancient burial mounds of the Saka-wusun period VI century BC –V century ad a visit to the valley Suusamyr will appeal not only to enthusiasts but to the true connoisseurs of nature.