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The Dungan mosque in Karakol which is situated in the Issyk-Kul Region is one of the most interesting sites from an aesthetical and historical point of view. The design and project are have been made according to Chinese architecture from the Tsing Empire which had existed from 1643 to 1912. The beautiful roof has the shape of a pagoda which was built in the period from 1907 to 1910 by the Dungan craftsmen. The mosque interior design was curated by Chinese masters and the foundation were done by local craftsmen.

The project and construction of the mosque were created and implemented by the team of 30 professionals under the direction of artisan Chou-Zi.   Wooden carcass of the mosque includes four types of wood substance. There are the spruce and poplar trees, and the wood  of nut tree was used for interior design.

This sacred Muslim place has a rectangular shape. The roofing and its surbases sit on four columns. Outside the mosque, you can see two rows of beams supporting twenty-two columns from the western and southern parts of this wonderful piece of architectural art. The mosque’s windows look out to the north and the south. The most striking point of this masterpiece that it was constructed without using a single nail because the masters used the system of grooves. The mosque was built thanks to welfare assistance of the Dungan diaspora.