The Monument of N. M. Przhevalskyv

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The Monument to N. M. Przhevalsky was completed in 1893 and opened in June 26, 1894, Monument was created in the form of a rock, composed from large pieces of local Tien Shan granite rocks. There is quite large (wingspan of two and a half meters) bronze figure of an eagle landing on the cliff top, which is a symbol of intelligence and courage.

The branch of olive tree, In the bird's beak is the emblem of the conquests of science, achieved by a peaceful way. There is a polarisierte map of Central Asia, in its claws, made of bronze, with routes through which the scientist had passed. On the face of the cliff attached the Orthodox cross, and there is a bronze medal with a bas-relief of the traveler under it.

This medal is an enlarged copy of the medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which was released in 1886. Thus, the Russian state expressed its recognition of his great works, made in the name of science. Przewalski was the first researcher of the environment in the Central Asia.

Russian scientist was born in March 31, in 1839 and died in 20 October in 1888. From the foot of the original stairs to the base of the cliffs of the monument you can walk along the eleven granite steps and enjoy the view with a height of 8.2 meters, a width of 2.5 meters` width, and weight of 365 tons.