The San-Tash Mound Complex

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In the eastern part of Kyrgyzstan, to the southwest of the San-Tash Pass, which translates as "counting stones", is a large mound complex, in the center of which there is a huge barrow with a diameter of 56 meters and a height of 4 meters, covered with a stone embankment. It is possible to see a multitude (more than 250) of other burial mounds with embankments of stones, earth, mixed types, and also with stone calculations.

The mound complex "San-Tash" is located in 400 kilometers to the east of Bishkek, next to the village of the same name. 50 kilometers to the west lies Issyk-Kul Lake. San-Tash is also called the local wind that blows from the east towards the lake.

One of the legends about the adventures of Tamerlane is connected with these places: wishing to know the strength of his army, he asked the soldiers to throw one stone on the ground. A more beautiful story states that before the outbreak of the campaign, Tamerlane ordered his soldiers to lay down one stone in one place, and, returning back, to each surviving soldier one stone was taken. Those stones that remained to lie, became a monument to soldiers who did not return from the campaign.