Besh-Tash Lake

Talas District

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Besh-Tash Lake is a natural landmark in the Talas region. It is located on the territory of the picturesque reserve Besh-Tash, in a mountain gorge at an altitude of 2997 m. On the way to the lake, you need to cross the valley of the same name and climb to the gorge. After going the main way, it comes to understanding that it was worth it, because the surrounding view is simply magnificent: a green valley with a noisy river, mountain slopes, birdsong and fresh air. But the pearl of these places is undoubtedly Besh-Tash Lake. The surface of a pond of amazing turquoise color plays in the sun. In this truly magical place, there is an influx of vitality, feeling better and spirits. The depth of Besh-Tash is 28 meters, the water in it is always cool. In the lake there are such kinds of fish as: trout, osman and marinka. The surroundings of Lake Besh-Tash will be a great place to relax, find inspiration, have a picnic or take a picture.