Kite surfing trip around the lakes of Kyrgyzstan

Baibol Travel invites extreme sports lovers to share a new adventure: discover Kyrgyzstan in an original way for kite surfers.


After having invited several enthusiasts to come and test the different spots in the country, we set to work to prepare a tour dedicated exclusively to the practice of Kite in exceptional sites. Beautiful lakes, perfectly adapted to the practice of Kitesurfing, a great reception of the premises and a professional logistics to accompany you throughout your trip.

You will travel the most beautiful lakes from Issyk-Kul to Son-Kul in the best spots in Kyrgyzstan. But you will also discover the beauty of Kyrgyzstan's landscapes, these mountains, these national parks such as Ala Archa, these canyons such as Konorchek and these villages such as Kyzyl Oi. Places where you will share with locals and learn Kyrgyz traditions.

Tour characteristics

May - September
7 days
1000 kilomètres km
1000 kilomètres km
Book now from $ 6235$

You are going to love it

  • The tranquility of a ride in comfortable SUV
  • A affordable journey to the heart of wild nature
  • Warm contact with nomadic shepherds
  • Master Class in collecting and installing yurts.
  • Discover the Konorchek canyon
  • Practice kite surfing on most beautiful lakes
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  • Conditions and Recommendations
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1 Day. Bishkek - Ala Archa

Upon arrival at the airport, we welcome you and transfer you to your hotel in Bishkek. After a little rest we leave for the Ala-Archa National Park, located 40 km from Bishkek. There, in the heart of nature, you will enjoy the beauty of the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and visit the Ak-Sai waterfall during a hike. Back in Bishkek you will meet the Baibol Travel team and learn about the programs and itineraries of our trip. Night at the hotel.


Economy: Hotel
Standard: Hotel
VIP: Hotel


7-8 km
4 -4,5 h
+500 m  -500 m
110 km, 3 h

2 Day. Bishkek - Issyk Kul

After breakfast we leave for Issyk-Kul (230km / 3h30). On the road you can admire new landscapes of Kyrgyzstan and the famous Tien-Shan mountain range. Arriving in Issyk-Kul you discover one of the oldest lakes in Central Asia. In the Kyrgyz language Issyk-Köl means "warm lake" because this lake does not freeze in winter thanks to the salt contained in the water. It is on this lake that you will be able to enjoy your first kite surfing session, in the middle of beautiful mountain landscapes. Night in a guest house.


Economy: Hotel
Standard: Hotel
VIP: Hotel


Issyk Kul District
+700 m  -700 m
260 km, 5-5,5 h

3 Day. Issyk Kul - Konorchek

This morning we leave for the Konorchek canyon (90km / 1h). We will walk (1h30-2h) one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. The Konorchek canyon will make you dream thanks to its magnificent red mountains. Breathtaking landscapes.Back at Issyk-Kul lake, in the afternoon you can enjoy the lake surrounded by mountains for kite surfing. Night in a guest house.


Economy: Hotel
Standard: Hotel
VIP: Hotel


Issyk Kul District
90 km, 1-1,5 h

4 Day. Issyk Kul

After a homemade breakfast you have all day to practice kite surfing or relax on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul, the 2nd largest lake in the world. This place is ideal to practice kite surfing in Kyrgyzstan, surrounded by incredible mountains and beautiful landscapes.Night in a guest house.


Economy: Guest house
Standard: Hotel
VIP: Hotel


Issyk Kul District

5 Day. Issyk Kul - Song Kul

Early in the morning we leave for Son-Kul (200km / 3h). Son-Kul lake is another of the most famous lakes in Kyrgyzstan. Around this lake you can observe many species of birds. In fact, the eastern part of Lake Son-Kul is part of the Karatal Gypar Nature Reserve, created in 1994 to protect rare and endangered animals. This lake is also the ideal place for fishing lovers . During this day you can practice kite surfing but also participate in a masterclass to learn the techniques of making traditional yurts and felt. Night in Yurt.


Economy: Yurt camping
Standard: Yurt camping
VIP: Yurt camping


Kochkor District

6 Day. Song Kul - Kyzyl Oi

After breakfast we leave for Kyzyl-Oi (160km / 3h). During this day you will discover the small village of Kyzyl-Oi. Indulge in a horse ride or walk along the Kokomernen River and discover incredible landscapes with orange-red mountains. Enjoy a good night's sleep in a guest house.


Economy: Guest house
Standard: Guest house
VIP: Guest house


Kara-Keche valley and Kara-Keche pass


Jayyl District

7 Day. Kyzyl Oi - Bishkek

The last day and time to return to Bishkek. After breakfast, we take the road to Bishkek (190km / 4h). This afternoon will be an opportunity to discover the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Guests can visit the 11th century Burana Tower and other highlights in the city. Finally, you can enjoy a good traditional meal in the ethnic restaurant Baibol. Night at the hotel.Transfer to the airport at night or the next day depending on your flight.


Economy: Hotel
Standard: Hotel
VIP: Hotel



Create your own group and travel profitably!

If you have been waiting for the right time to go on a journey in the footsteps of the ancient nomads of Central Asia, it has come! For the first time in Kyrgyzstan, "Baibol Travel" gives you a unique opportunity to travel at affordable prices, collecting a group of travelers from your relatives, friends, colleagues, as you are hungry for new experiences and incredible discoveries! We are happy to adapt our services to your requests and requirements, so we suggest you choose the conditions of travel with the comfort and conditions that suit you. The more people in your group, the greater the benefits will be received by all its participants!

Tour cost

The prices are indicated according to the classification of the tour and the number of people.

Number of persons / Class Economy Standard VIP
1-2 $ 2460$ $ 2460$ $ 2460$
3-4 $ 4070$ $ 4070$ $ 4070$
5-6 $ 4810$ $ 4810$ $ 4810$
7-8 $ 5580$ $ 5580$ $ 5580$
9-10 $ 6235$ $ 6235$ $ 6235$


Package of services




Transport (all transfers according to the program)

SUV premium class

High-end SUV

Class 4x4 minivan

Accommodation (in hotels, guest houses and yurts according to the program)


Horse guide



Three meals a day (+ snack for trekking trips)

4  meals a day

3 meals a day

Three meals a day

National Games

Kite surfing equipment

Master classes


Folklore concert



Our extensive list for 4x4 tours takes into account weather, terrain and altitude, where you will travel. It includes the essentials and secondary accessories.

 Here are two lists that will help you prepare your luggage. The first applies to any type of trip, the second is specific to horseback riding.


List for any type of trip (To adapt according to the season)

  • personal hygiene articles
  • a light jacket with long sleeves, or a shirt (for protection against the sun)
  • A warm fleece type clothing
  • T-shirts
  • Hat / cap
  • at least 2 pairs of warm and 5 simple socks
  • Hiking shoes / sneakers
  • gloves
  • shorts or summer pants
  • swimwear
  • sunglasses
  • Solar cream
  • belt pouch for important documents
  • notebook, pen or an electronic alternative
  • headlamp with spare batteries
  • camera, batteries
  • a small backpack
  • portable charger
  • use an expeditionary bag as main bag (optional)
  • watch, altimeter (optional), portable charger (optional)