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The Tosor Pass is located at an altitude of almost 4 thousand meters above sea level, on the ridges of Terskey Ala-Too. The road through the pass is the only way from the southern coast of Issyk-Kul to Naryn oblast. On snow-covered rocky soil it is easiest to move around on an off-road vehicle. The way through Tosor is not the easiest: it happens that the path is flooded with sel. However, it is not uncommon here to meet lovers of cycling tracks, traveling mainly in pairs or in small groups. On the ridge, you can see the glacier and its companion moraine. The mountain ranges are covered with thickets of conifers (or ephedra), the red fruits of which flash bright spots against the gray background of the rocks. The tops of the mountains sparkle with snow caps, and at their foot the greenery and flowers are dazzling. Traces of the Neolithic man were found here. If you stop and look at the stones, you can find real petroglyphs that are so rich in the Issyk-Kul region. On the highest plateau of the Tosor Pass there are pastures where the mighty mountain yaks graze. The road through the pass is accompanied by a small river, called Uch-Emchek, which flows into the small Naryn. The banks of the river are very picturesque and dilute the stone tones of the pass.