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The city of Uzgen is one of the oldest cities in Kyrgyzstan, which is over 2000 years old. In the 10th century it was considered one of the central cities of the Karakhanid state, along with Balasagyn. It is located on the right bank of the Kara-Darya River. The city has preserved its former greatness to this day. The historical and architectural complex - a monument of the Karakhanid era is in the heart of city. The complex dates from the 11th-12th centuries AD. Its components are three mausoleums and a minaret. The mausoleums are conditionally subdivided into the Northern, Middle and Southern. The Middle is considered the oldest, and the two others are later buildings. In the mausoleums there are burials of the nobility from the dynasty of karakhanids. At the northern mausoleum, terracotta inscriptions were discovered that preserved the name of one of the rulers of that era - Hussein Hasan ibn Ali. The buildings are made mostly of burnt bricks, decorated with terracotta and ornaments of those times. Most of the ornaments are embossed and engraved right in the brick. The monument was reconstructed in 1923 and is now considered to be fairly well preserved. Near the mausoleums is a tower-minaret, architecturally resembling the Burana tower. It is believed that the original height of the tower was 45 meters, but time is inexorable and now the minaret is 27 and a half meters high. In the old days the building was used for religious appeals, which were carried from its top. Inside the tower there is a rather steep spiral staircase in 54 steps. In the middle of it two small narrow windows are cut, located from the west and east, and above - an observation deck. Visiting the Uzgen architectural complex will interest the fans of antiquity and people interested in history and architecture. Excursions to the complex are very popular among students and schoolchildren of the country. During your stay in the glorious city of Uzgen you should definitely try the Uzgen pilaf - this kind of pilaf is considered the most delicious in the region. This dish will add color to your journey.