The Tash-Suu source

Mineral waters
Issyk Kul District

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The Tash Suu source is filled up with hot mineral water. There you can recover your health, have a rest and just enjoy the beauties of nature. The hot spring is situated in Oruktuu Village, not far from Cholpon-Ata town.There are several swimming pools, massage room and a restaurant, where you can have local traditional and European meals.

Tash Suu can certainly be classified as a SPA-resort. The mineral waters have curative and herbal properties. The water temperature varies from 43 °C to 48 °C. The medical-recreational procedures are useful even for the   preventive measures and assist in recovering of such diseases as myositis, arthritis, and osteochondritis. The healing water can also be used when one has digestive system problems.