Orto-Tokoy Water Reservoir

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The Orto-Tokoy reservoir was built in 1960 and it is the first reservoir which was built in Kyrgyzstan, although the construction plan has been developed before the beginning of Great Patriotic War in 1940.

There is a huge 52 meters high dam at the Orto-Tokoy reservoir. It belongs reservoir to Chu River basin, which flows into and out of it, and originally, the main purpose of the construction of this reservoir was irrigation of the surrounding agricultural land.

Orto-Tokoy water reservoir is located in Naryn region and it’s a "neighbor" (just 15 kilometers to the west) of the famous Issyk-Kul lake.

Because of the small sizes of reservoir (length 18 and width 5 kilometers), this place is very picturesqueness, from the panoramic view: staying on one side of the shore, one can contemplate the opposite shore, where the rocks and hills rise, and the clouds are so low that it seems as if you are swimming among them.

This place is unique for many reasons: firstly, the reservoir is the center of attraction for fishing enthusiasts from different parts of Kyrgyzstan and the whole CIS and it’s a perfect place to those who are ford of rafting - extreme rafting on mountain rivers; Chu River consists of a multitude of rapids and natural obstacles, which makes the route just right. The water in reservoir keeps cool even on hot summer days. The presence of trout, osman, marinka and other species of fish in water means that this reservoir still has a strategic purpose in the agricultural plan.