The Moldo-Ashu pass

Ak-Talaa District

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The Moldo-Ashu pass is one of the most extreme mountain passes of Kyrgyzstan. It is especially popular among lovers of travel by Bicycle and car. They like it for its seven-layer winding serpentine, especially it attracts fans of adrenaline and drive.

Moldo-Ashuu is located in Naryn region, and one of the rosds lead to the famous lake Son-Kol. The height of the pass is about 3243 meters, but it`s not so easy to conquer summit. The ascent to the pass is very steep, and the path is hidden under the clouds or dense white fog, with every new turn there is always a surprise and a mystery.

According to many travelers, the pass is considered one of the most beautiful ones in Kyrgyzstan. There are fabulous views of the ice caps from the summit, slopes covered with tall fir trees, blossoming valleys and the beautiful curly between the hills of a mountain river.