Kol-Kogur Lake

Issyk Kul District

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Köl-Kogur Lake is one of the most beautiful, but unfairly deprived of the popularity of water attractions in Kyrgyzstan and the northern Tien-Shan. The lake is surrounded by a picturesque mountain landscape, wooded terrain and gentle slopes, looking at which you involuntarily think about the reality of what you saw: these kinds of spirit are so breathtaking. Köl-Kogur Lake enters the water system of the Chon-Kemin River and you can get to it through its valley.

Places in the area of ​​the lake are practically untouched by man, on the way to it there are several settlements, and also cattle-breeding huts and a Jaeger house. The fact that travelers do not reach the lake so often, contributes to the preservation of the surrounding nature in its original form and makes these places very clean, practically untouched by garbage.

The shores of the lake differ from each other: so if one can see fir trees on one of them, the opposite is the slope of the mountain, called Kol-Kogur: just like the lake.