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Chatyr-Kol lake (heavenly lake), is one of the largest, deepest and the most beautiful lakes of Kyrgyzstan.

The water in Chatyr-Kol lake is purely clean and there is almost fresh water. The lake is a part of the Karatal –Gapirik state reserve. There is no fish, but this is a place where the birds from Altay, Siberia, and Kazakhstan hibernate. There also live  mountain goats, marmots and even the snow leopard.  

The lake lies in the mountains at an altitude of (3530 m) in a tectonic depression between the snow ridges of At-Bashi and Torugart –Too in Naryn area. The Torugart pass and the Torugart highway are allocated close to China.  The length of the lake is 23 km and the depth varies from 8 to 13 meters. There are 40 small rivers flowing into the lake, the biggest river is Kara-Suu and Kara-Tai. The climate of Chatyr-Kol’s cavity, where the lake is allocated is extremely continental.  Therefore it becomes frozen, in summer the air temperature  rises to + 24 °C, the  water temperature in summer is 10 degrees.  

In March 1859  well-known Kazakh researcher of Central Asia, Chocan Valikhanov while returning  from Kashgar, he was the first who saw and found the Chatyr-Kul lake. He became the first foreign traveler who visited and described it.

No matter for the marshland and steppe landscapes around the Chatyr-Kol lake. It`s very popular among the tourists and travelers.