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The   Kojomkul village is located in Gaiil district of Chui region, got a name of the Kyrgyz strongman (Baatyr) – Kozhomkul, repressed in 1937.

Kozhomkul (1888-1955), was famous as a heavyweight man and a great hunter. His wife Akmaldai often prepared food for poor people, from a wild fowl.  His height reached 197 (230) cm, his weight was 164 (203) kg, and the foot size 52 size.

Kozhomkul was from a poor family. When he was young, he was working in the families of rich people, thanks to his hardworking Kozhomkul reached his goal. He made a great contribution to the establishment of farms in the Suusamyr valley. He was awarded the medal and the honorary certificate by the government of Kyrgyz USSR. No matter for that, later on he was arrested and then repressed.

There is a museum in the village, where you can find the pictures, clothes, and the huge stones, which were lifted by Kozhomkul. According to legend, he moved the horse on his shoulders at a distance of 100 m.  His mother was buried on the outskirts of the village, where he put a huge stone with the weight 160 kg. He took this stone from the river, allocated in several km.

Now the Bishkek sports palace got the name of Kozhomkul. The monument of Kozhomkul with the horse on his shoulders   is established at the entrance of the palace.