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The Burana Tower is a monument of the cultural heritage of the Karakhanid era (a medieval Turkic state of the 10th-13th centuries, the territory of which stretched from East Turkestan to the Amudarya River) is located in Chui oblast, in 12 km south-west of Tokmok town. Balasagun is a place where tower is situated, was the capital of the Karakhanids. The town had a good geographical position as, the Great Silk Road passed through this town.

In 1219 ,during Genghis Khan's invasion in 1219, unlike other cities of Central Asia, Balasagun was not destroyed, but at the moment Burana is all that remains of the ancient city. The ancient minaret (where the prayer sounds) is an architectural structure made of burnt bricks.

The minaret was built in 10th- 11th centuries. Initially, its height was 40 meters, but after the earthquake the upper part was destroyed and now the length of the structure is 21.7 meters. Not far from the tower there are 80 balbals - stone sculptures, which represent portraits of once living Turks. On other stones that are found here in large numbers there are inscriptions that have preserved their original appearance, despite the centuries-old history.

On the territory of Burana there is also a museum where you can get examine the objects of life and culture of ancient Turks. The weapons of brave warriors were found by archaeologists during the excavations of the ancient city of Balasagun. During the excursion, you can climb to the tower, from where opens a beautiful view.